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oooo wow - Lauren's Intervention

Oct. 20th, 2005

11:50 pm - oooo wow

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so like i went to moustache pete's there was this band that like showed up... one said he liked to call um "troublesome trio" but... his name is Mead he had a lute on his back and was playing the violin... two others named paul and michael each played uh guitar and uh.. BANJO!... OKAY SO I GOTTA ADMIT i don't remembaer which guy played which instrument but you gotta admit its preety impresive thT a i remember their names after not eating all day then eating 10 slices of pizza and drinking 7 pints o guinness.... but MAN they rocked so hard i had to HAD to now buy them each a beer... i of course made sure to give um my email addy and ask that they drop a line if they're playing anywhere.... apparently they wrote the song i love when one of um got like REALLY high and forced the other guys to play it all night! i told you these doodas are awesome eh?... they even played me out! on the way home they were jamming AT(as in to) the scientology church thingy and as i passed i yelled preach it to um BROTHA... those guys rule! they got me stompin my feet... i even whistled w/ the banjo player a little... then during my downhill i started to ride my bike like a skier, wavin my ass around, ziggin and zaggin taking up an entire car lane... eventually i fell these guys from VSA (i think it means vietnamese students association... gotta ask them doods bout a game of dim long haven't played in the longest time) anyway they asked if i was okay i layed there a few secounds... said yeah i think so.. they pointed out that my elbow was bleeding profusley i said "yup that'll teach me to get drunk and ride my bike like a skier... thanks for watching out for me guys!" ahhh my laptop is falling apart! the hinges on my screen are fucked' pieces of plastic keep falling well acyually breaking off... but yeah like bleeding REAL BADD i washed it off turns out in addition to the big gash in my elbow therer was a scrape down my arm from there that only LOOKed like a blood trail.