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Lauren's Intervention

May. 11th, 2004

04:38 pm - rawr

saturday night ariel, kyle bernard and i all got drunk. that was so funny. kyle was trying to hard to have sex with me and i was like NO!!! which is amazing since i was half comatose. he wanted to have a threesome so bad but the answer was, is, and always will be no, no amount of alcohol can change that.

but pacifico. damn that is good beer.

so sunday night, after my foot injury (i'm not allowed to blame miles, it was an accident! brian: "oh so you only meant to throw her off the bed, that's nice ASSHOLE! stop hurting my girlfriend!) brian and i popped open a bottle of wine and just started drinking it.

caroline came in and was like: "you guys are the funniest ever"

man i'm gonna miss these wild nights when i stop drinking...

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Current Music: Fields of Gold - Eva Cassidy

May. 7th, 2004

12:45 am - another night another dream

so tonight bri, ariel and i all started in with the two buck chuck and began to play ten fingers. so we were a little drunk and then lo and behold who shows up but JOHN FARANDA and we were like word. so we were like john! come play ten fingers with us!!! and you know what? he did. and he actually got out. it was the coolest shit ever. word to john faranda, the coolest old dude ever.

maybe he hangs around CMC because he wants to pick up chicks. i'd marry him.

and though i drink like its my job, i promise i'm handing in my two week notice tomorrow.

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May. 6th, 2004

02:45 pm - Cinco de Mayo!!!

So, we got drunk last night in memory of our mexican heritage... It was a lot of fun; Lauren, Ariel and I went through almost the last of my good vodka and then went to the coop to buy cigarrettes and talked to a pretty, gay boy who's going to make us all nametags. I'm Wino, and Lauren's is Lusch. Then Lauren and I went back to my room and proceeded to get more drunk off of Bailey's. All in all a borderline alcoholic night.

Lauren please stop drinking. I'm so proud that you've cut back to five nights a week.

Current Music: Da Vinci's Notebook - Beer Run

May. 4th, 2004

10:12 pm - just another manic monday

Last night (Monday night -- is nothing sacred?) Lauren and Brian and I got drunk. But hey, we're classy drunks (shout out to Brian for providing the Grey Goose. hollah.) We then went to the Moteley and hung out and scoped out the free food and coffee with Eric and his friend Alexa. Entertaining as always.

Then Lauren, claiming to be hot (and without any ulterior motives, I swear!) took off her shirt. Hey, it WAS hot, ok?

In summary, Lauren, please lay off the booze. I was so proud when I heard you cut it down to three beers a day.

Sincerely, Ariel

Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: Dropkick Murphy's (something that sounds like/is a drinking song)

May. 3rd, 2004

04:02 pm - and the star of the show

well, i appreciate your concern! wow, what a great place to post my drinking stories!

maybe the funniest thing i've seen ever. mad? no, i laughed my ass off when i read this!

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Current Music: Horse & Carriage - Cam'ron

04:42 pm - i hereby create this community

(16:39:46) kewl fuzZy bear: hey
(16:39:58) kewl fuzZy bear: guess what?
(16:40:05) tauruschick422: hey
(16:40:05) tauruschick422: ?
(16:40:19) kewl fuzZy bear: i set up a new community
(16:40:47) kewl fuzZy bear: dedicated to those who are concerned for lauren and her drinking problem
(16:40:58) tauruschick422: oh no
(16:41:04) kewl fuzZy bear: its called laurensinterven
(16:41:05) tauruschick422: she'll get mad
(16:41:17) kewl fuzZy bear: password tranceience
(16:41:30) tauruschick422: omg! she's gonna be mad
(16:41:35) kewl fuzZy bear: i thought she'd think it was funny and try to join :P
(16:41:43) tauruschick422: possibly
(16:42:00) kewl fuzZy bear: well i would ask her first...
(16:42:07) kewl fuzZy bear: but she's like never on
(16:42:16) tauruschick422: she on, just always away
(16:42:24) kewl fuzZy bear: exactly


if she is she can just tell me about it and i'll undo what's been done :P well i guess you never can undo pissing someone off.... oh well... i think its hilarious and so should she...

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