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i've been a bad bad girl - Lauren's Intervention

May. 6th, 2005

04:17 pm - i've been a bad bad girl

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kasey (2:30:26 PM): heh, thanks, you're one of a kind
tranceience (2:30:55 PM): that's not true
tranceience (2:30:59 PM): i'm just like everyone else
kasey (2:32:16 PM): uh-huh...
tranceience (2:32:39 PM): i am. i really believe this. i am completely unoriginal.
tranceience (2:32:54 PM): there is nothing one-of-a-kind about an offensive drunk
kasey (2:33:54 PM): hahaha
kasey (2:33:56 PM): maybe
kasey (2:34:00 PM): but you're a special kind of offensive drunk
kasey (2:34:07 PM): sure, anyone can get drunk, puke, and tell you why you suck
kasey (2:34:15 PM): but you do it with a certain style and wit that is hard to match

last night was cinco de mayo, celebrated at an open bar event. i'm putting my drink tally somewhere in the 10-15 range. There was this alum from 2002 or something there, and you know how we all have to match drinking prowess. I was pounding the vodka, and i drank more and faster as the close of the bar approached. i'm still not sure how i made it home, but i woke up in my clothes, with my shoes (heels) on, and my pants were unbuttoned and unzipped.

though i was making out with said alum during the evening, i woke up alone in my bed (thank god). things had gone too far when 1) i couldn't see his facial features. I had literally drank myself blind. 2)he began groping my breasts AT THE EVENT. that's just uncalled for. i kept pushing him away: "you're ruining my future political career!" but he could dance, at least. lindy.

there was some puking last night, and i'm pretty sure when i woke up i was still drunk. this hangover is a bitch but at least the booze was free.

and i'm going to quit drinking after finals guys, i promise.

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